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XXXVIII. P.S.I. Auction • Dressage Collection Online!


For the 38th time the P.S.I. Auction has prepared a collection of top class sport horses for you, available December 2nd and 3rd 2017 at the P.S.I. Auction Center in Ankum.

Sönke Rothenberger wins with personal best


(Hagen a.T.W.) At Horses & Dreams meets Austria the team gold medal winner from Rio de Janeiro Sönke Rothenberger (Bad Homburg) took first place in the Grand Prix Special Prize of an Austrian dressage patron with his 10 year old top horse Cosmo.

Italien Hymn as the Prelude to the DKB-Riders Tour – Emanuele Gaudiano earns 20 Points


(Hagen a.T.W.) This is exactly how Emanuele Gaudiano imagined his start: the Italian Olympian won the first in a series of six stops on the DKB-Riders Tour at Horses & Dreams meets Austria in Hagen a.T.W. with the eleven year old grey Caspar bred at Gestüt Lewitz. “He is a very careful horse, Caspar has a great character, and is worth a fortune, he can do it all, I was in Rio with him as well”, gushed the winner in the Grand Prix of the Deutsche Kreditbank AG, after his successful round.

With Speed and Viennese Charm


(Hagen a.T.W.) The traditional Equestrian Biathlon of the Sparkasse Osnabrück offered the exciting transudation into the Gala-Show evening at this year’s Horses & Dreams meets Austria. This hybrid competition with the highest level of show jumping combined with the shooting element of the classic Biathlon is only found at Horses & Dreams in Hagen a.T.W.. Toni Hassmann (Lienen) in the saddle of Channing L proved, in front of a packed stadium, that he has the best nerves, ahead of Tim Rieskamp-Goedeking (Steinhagen) with Quapitola de Beaufour and Armin Schäfer Jun. (Bürstadt) with Ladylover.

DKB-Riders Tour in Hagen a.T.W.: Oranje win in the Qualification


(Hagen a.T.W.) „I thought I was too old to ride even faster” jokes Gert-Jan Bruggink, “but then I saw the 44 on the score board, and I knew the rider before made it in 45…” Once again the 36 year old nations cup competitor showed the rest what the dutch can do, when they want to. With the 11 year old gelding Connelly, Bruggink shaved a good half a second off of the time of the previously 1st placed “Matador of Hagen” Mathis Schwentker and For Success, in the first weighted competition in the Prize of the LVM versicherung, the opening class to the DKB-Riders Tour qualification. The drama was perfect- Bruggink entered the ring as the last of eight starters in the jump off.

Defying Gravity – Cosmo wins the Grand Prix


(Hagen a.T.W.) The international top riders met today at Horses & Dreams meets Austria in the Almased Dressage Stadium  for the second Grand Prix of the event, the Prize of the  WIK Elektro-Hausgeräte Vertriebs GmbH & Co. Productions KG, it was, at the same time, a qualification for the Grand Prix special. Four members of the German dressage team presented themselves in this competition, and also held the lead.

Italian cleans up in Hagen


(Hagen a.T.W.) Emanuele Gaudiano has started at horseshows in Hagen a.T.W. for the last 15 years, his first show here was the European Championships for young riders, since then he has come back every year. And at Horses & Dreams meets Austria things could not have gone better for the 30 year old.

Horses & Dreams