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Show time on Saturday night

Since 2006 Horses & Dreams has been more than a pure sporting event and also adopted the concept of partnering with a new host country every year. It adds a unique, colourful and culturally diverse atmosphere to the event. The show and entertainment program is famous for creating unique experiences and allows spectators to immerse themselves in mesmerising performances and images that reflect the unique character of the chosen partner country.

Riding, running and shooting – that’s Equestrian Biathlon presented by Sparkasse Osnabrück

Conceived by Ulli Kasselmann, the equestrian biathlon is already a tradition on Saturday evening at Horses & Dreams. The challenge for the participants is to jump clear, sprint to the shooting range and be a perfect marksman with a laser rifle – and on top of that the clock is ticking. Two penalty seconds are charged for jumping or shooting errors.

Sparkasse Osnabrück has been a partner of the equestrian biathlon for many years. The fun competition is held on the Saturday night of Horses & Dreams. Many big jumping stars have taken part in the past, Andreas Kreuzer, Phillip Weißhaupt, Ulrich Kirchhoff, Vladimir Beletzki, Tim Rieskamp-Goedeking, Laura Klaphake and Justine Tebbel.

Show impressions