Amateurs and Olympians

International in dressage arena and jumping ring

Horses & Dream offers top sport in dressage up to CDI4* and show jumping up to CSI3* level. At the start of the European outdoor season, many pairs want to provide an initial form check for upcoming championships or achieve their qualification for Paris 2024. A total of up to 300 athletes from up to 30 nations are expected. The international competitions are organised as follows:

CDI = Concours de Dressage International  =  international dressage show
CSI =  Concours Saut obstacle International  =  international jumping show
CSIYH = international event for young jumping horses
1*/ 2*/ 3*/ 4*/ 5* = the stars represent the level of difficulty and prize money

1st Qualification for the NÜRNBERGER BURG-POKAL

The NÜRNBERGER BURG-POKAL for 7 to 9-year-old dressage horses has been one of the most successful dressage series in the world for three decades. The starting lists for the competition read like a ‘Who’s Who’ of international sport: Olympic, World and European champions compete in the arena with their young up-and-coming horses. Numerous pairs who participated in this series have been successful at national and international level. Horses from the show series have won a total of 155 medals at national and international championships. There are 8 qualifiers on the programme before the final in December – the winners of which will then compete in the final together with the 4 best-placed runners-up from the qualifiers. Horses & Dreams kicks off the season!

1st Qualification for the Louisdor-Prize

Young Horse Grand Prix (FN) – Prize of Liselott and Klaus Rheinberger Foundation 

The Louisdor Prize is a series for eight to ten-year-old dressage horses that are to be carefully introduced to the very top class. Although the test contains all the elements of the Grand Prix, the requirements are somewhat reduced. For example, fewer series changes are required and the piaffe may have even more of a forward tendency than is desirable in “big” dressage. The Louisdor Prize is presented by the Liselott and Klaus Rheinberger Foundation. Louisdor was the last dressage horse with which Klaus Rheinberger took part in competitions and with which he won his last advanced (S) level dressage test.

Lea Windhausen & Zafriq de Jeu, Gewinner das ADC Amateur Cup Finale 2019 in Hagen a.T.W.

ADC Amateur-Cup Final

With the Amateur Cup, Horses & Dreams is also a platform for “non-professionals” in the dressage saddle. The best ten amateurs have to master an advanced (S*) level dressage test and a Prix St. Georges freestyle. The riders can qualify at a total of eight shows organised by the Ankumer Dressur Club (ADC) at the P.S.I. Sports and Auction Centre in Ankum. The best horse from the best two competitions will be judged.

“The amateurs in Ankum have shown a very good level in recent years, so we wanted to give them the opportunity to compete in front of an international audience and a special backdrop at Horses & Dreams,” says organiser Ulli Kasselmann, explaining the idea behind the Cup.

Germany’s U25 Jumping Cup

Germany’s U25 Show Jumping Cup organised by the Stiftung Deutscher Pferdesport celebrates its 10th anniversary in 2024. The aim of the series is to promote the best talents under 25 in the show jumping saddle. The Jumping Cup gives these riders the opportunity to gain experience in top sport at major shows. Classes S** and S*** are ridden. Denis Nielsen, Maurice Tebbel, three times Richard Vogel and most recently Teike Carstensen – the final winners of Germany’s U25 Show Jumping Cup boast a prominent list of young talents. Many have made the leap to the international top. In 2024, the Jumping Cup will be supported by a new sponsor: Holger Hetzel, together with the Stiftung Deutscher Pferdesport, will make the established competition series financially possible.

Nürnberger Burg-Pokal Lead Rein

Every year, several hundred lead rein competitions for children are held throughout Germany, and they are a natural part of the big Nuremberg Burg Cup. The young riders are generally required to walk and trot, as well as smaller movement tasks. The children show that they already have good balance in the saddle and are assessed by a show judge. There is deliberately only one winner in the lead rein competition, who receives the golden ribbon and a trophy. The other participants share 2nd place and can look forward to silver ribbons. Horses & Dreams is a popular stage of this competition.